Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vehicle Insurance Online is a Convenient Way to Get Insurance Cheap

Online comparison shopping is a convenient way to get cheap insurance for your auto. For the last few years, insurance companies have been dropping their premiums annually because of lower accident rates and increased competition.

Auto Insurance for Teenage Drivers

Introducing the teenage driver to the auto policy will definitely hike its rate. And, sorry, there is no short-cut to avoid the price change. But the following ways may help you to control it to some extent.

Insurance companies love Texas and the Republicans who love them.

Cronies over citizens. That's the Republican way. Texas homeowners still pay far more for insurance than those in any other state, even after the overhaul passed by the Legislature four years ago that was supposed to lower rates.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

COBRA and Whether You Should Opt For Permanent Insurance

Many millions of Americans are insured through their employers. However this coverage is with them as long as they have their jobs. If they lose their jobs or quit, they would be without coverage.

Insurance Industry's Happy Farewell to Lott

While the surprise resignation of Trent Lott created a big hole in the Senate GOP leadership, it also sparked much quiet rejoicing in the insurance world.

too much insurance

so I got a 95 GTi VR6 with 130K miles on it its my daily driver. looking at the farmers insurance I got full coverage and I pay $50 monthly.

Insurance Agency Consulting

Insurance agency consulting is a job opportunity which may appeal to many college graduates who have a proven knack for networking, sales, and community service.