Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shopping for Home and Auto Insurance made Eas(ier)

Many of my clients are in the process of reviewing their Home and Auto insurance. Some are also shopping for excess liability (umbrella) insurance coverage.

Insurance: One Stop Centre

When I bought my cars and apartments I was not given the choice of choosing the insurance providers/company. It all comes in a package.

Securing the Insurance Industry

You’ve probably heard this one before: a company spends substantial time and capital developing network security measures that they believe will protect their clients and vital company data.

Q A with Florida's New CFO on Insurance Indsutry

Florida’s new CFO Alex Sink (the overall insurance regulator) seems to correctly comprehend the problems in Florida. via a Q& A with the Miami Herald. Here’s how it starts … Q: How did we get into this mess?

Mortgage Insurance

Tuesday, January 09, 2007. The moment many homebuyers’ have been waiting for has arrived: mortgage insurance is now tax deductible.

Indian Insurance Sector Ready to Tap Rural India

NewswireToday (newswire) - Indian insurance industry is anticipated to witness a 500% growth and reach to US$ 60 Billion in the coming four years, thanks to swelling demand in semi-urban and rural areas, reported industry chamber.

California governor opens door to universal health insurance

The governor of California has now announced his health care initiative. Yes, it's flawed, underfunded and may create perverse incentives for employers to lower the sums employers pay for health care.

UK insurance Quotes

I have a site that my UK readers might be interested in if you’re searching for car insurance or any other type of insurance.

Driver safety tips from Insurance companies

No one can miss the sheer plethora of on-line car insurance (or any other insurance) sites that appear on-line. Like most quotation services they usually offer customers a free quotation service.


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